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Creeper turns 5 years old today! Happy Birthday you exploding dick! :D

I’m go-NO!

I’m go-NO!

I Wonder who it is.

oh hi Sara!! :D

Wonderful World ~ By david184

Wonderful World ~ By david184

Wait what? an upcoming web comic? Where?!


Yes i’m making a web comic called “Wonderful World”. it’s a comic that will involve an female character called Elise Harelen and her forced job. i made a separated blog that will include the comic itself and the introduction video. the Comic is going to be rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in photoshop.

http://wonderfulworldcomic.tumblr.com/ here’s the link.

Forget to upload some Kirby remixes i made so here you go.

 - Kirby 64 boss remix
18 plays

Kirby 64: the crystal shards (Boss remix) ~ By David184

 - Kirby super star boss remix
14 plays

Kirby Super star (Boss remix) ~ By David184

 - Kirby Super Star Cocoa Cave remix
16 plays

Kirby Super Star (Cocoa Cave remix) ~ By David184

alright. i would like Sonic and Cammy. also please Classic Sonic.



Here you go, hope you like it and all.

This was probably one of the weirder requests I’ve gotten, I gotta say.